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May. 30th, 2013 07:32 pm
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Name: Alex Kusnitz: Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
Age: 15
Appearance: Like this
Occupation: teenager/student :)

Full Application: Linked here.

Because I don't want to describe his handwriting every time: he's left-handed, and writes in messy print with a little bit of a backslant.

Echoes Received:
1st Echo- Several of the reincarnated humans gathered together, which called a swarm of Vermini to possess a human. With its death, the Vermini died with it and the infestation was cleared!
Now with less copy/paste fail, oops.

Alex isn't directly affected by these events, but he happens to witness some of what occurs when the reincarnated humans gather, and he runs away, scared. The little he does see gives him a powerful sense of déjà vu, which culminates in what he thinks is a dream. In the dream, Alex has a sense that his body is wrong, though he can't put his finger on what, exactly, is wrong about it. He's looking at the face of someone he doesn't recognize, but he knows, as sometimes happens in dreams, that this is one of his best, most trusted friends. His friend's face contorts, for a split second, in a sneer of pure hatred, and Alex is blindsided by anger and suspicion, though he doesn't understand why. After he wakes up, the sense of something being terribly wrong with someone important to him sticks with him for a while, even though he's sure it was just a dream.

2nd Echo- June 8: Alex visits the art gallery to see these weird statues for himself, and of course, touches one. Some hours later, he has a vision where, like in his dream, his body feels wrong, though it seems to be exactly the same as ever. It's only when he speaks that things get odd: the feeling of using his mouth to make noise feels unfamiliar and really cool, and he can't stop playing with the sounds he can make.

It feels a whole lot less cool when he discovers he's doing it without realizing he is.

(Yessss, Ax's tendency to play with sounds when he speaks is back!)

3rd Echo- June 12: While fighting at the Sage's cave, Alex finds himself with a tail out of nowhere. Long, blue, muscular, and with a blade at the end, it's conspicuous to say the least.

I.e., he can kind of halfway morph, but he doesn't know that's what it is, and all he can do is make his Andalite tail grow and vanish.

4th Echo- July 17: The memory of the last time Ax saw his brother Elfangor. To sum up: The Andalite ship they were both serving on got to Earth, and almost immediately engaged a Yeerk ship in battle. Ax was too young to fight, so he was sent away to a safe part of the ship. All Alex knows about right now is the conversation, the knowledge that his other self never saw his brother again, and confirmation that the other-him is an alien, since he can extrapolate from his brother's appearance.

5th Echo- August 19: A memory of the alternate future the Ellimist showed the Animorphs in The Stranger, which gave Alex basic information about the war in Ax's world: that it's been going on for his whole life, and that the enemy is a race of sluglike creatures who control their hosts. It also made him think the good guys lost.

6th Echo- September 28: when Alex and Julien follow the buzzing, Julien gets sick, and they have to be quarantined. Alex gets his stalk eyes back from reaching the tower. Then, thanks to the canon parallel, he recovers a memory and physical echo from The Sickness, where Ax was afflicted with an Andalite disease that caused him to lose control of his morphing, and eventually required brain surgery. Since Alex is still mostly human, it will be toned down to a severe case of the flu, with a high fever and delirium, but the lack of control over morphing will still be in effect.

7th Echo - October 31: A delayed effect from fighting the stone snakes: enough of his real body to end up basically a centaur; i.e., Andalite body, human torso. He'll still be able to morph back to fully human, but it'll be harder to figure out and do.

For my information, not an echo: around November 15th, he told his parents about the weird physical changes, and the basics of the numbers club. He had to morph to get them to believe him, but they finally did. They were mad at first, but cooled off, and a deal was struck: Alex can do numbers club things, but it can't be anything too dangerous, and he has to tell them first, young man.

8th Echo - November 20: while revisiting Tuning Towers with his newly in-on-the-secret father: his real name. Just that memory.

9th Echo: December 21: His tendency to define "food" broadly enough to include cardboard boxes and cigarette butts.

10th Echo - December 27: A box of Cinnabons

11th Echo - January 25: The rest of his Andalite body

12th Echo - March 9: His skunk morph

13th Echo - March 9: memory of the time limit rule on morphing, and his default form will be set back to Andalite

14th Echo - April 1: The ability to acquire animals, limited to one for now (it's going to be an owl)



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